How to share a podcast draft

Notetracks – How to create a podcast draft
Notetracks – How to create a podcast draft

If you’re working on a podcast draft, there’s often a need to share the episode with co-producers, team members, editors, and clients as they’re being produced. Notetracks is a powerful collaboration tool for podcasters and podcast editors to share their drafts, demos and projects before, during, and after production. Along with providing producers with an extensive collection of audio features to use, Notetracks’ cloud-based web platform is the perfect environment to use during collaboration-heavy episodes, such as podcast interviews.

By sharing a podcast draft, you can avoid making mistakes that could cost you time and effort later on. Catching errors early on in the process can save you from having to redo work, and can also help you to create a better podcast in less time. Further, sharing a podcast draft prior to its premiere allows for the correction of these issues before the podcast is published, ensuring that it is of the highest quality.

To begin, open up your current podcast draft, or click the ‘New Project’ button, create a new audio project, and give it a title.

Next, click the ‘Share Project’ button in the top right-hand corner of Notetracks.

You’ll be greeted by a new screen with various sharing options. In the bottom right-hand corner, you can select a specific time-stamp to begin playback on. This will share the track with your collaborator at the exact place in the podcast episode you’d like to highlight.

Using Notetracks to share your podcast episode with collaborators, editors, and clients.
Using Notetracks to share your podcast episode with collaborators, editors, and clients.

To share with a collaborator’s email address, enter it in the invite box and proceed to click ‘Send Invite’. You can use the drop-down menu to change your podcast collaborator’s permissions, including ‘Can edit’, ‘Can comment’, and ‘Can view’. You can also write a  message to them to brief them on the draft.

If you like you can quickly share your podcast draft with editors via Gmail, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, and Microsoft Teams utilizing the social media buttons.

If you’re looking to have an easy sharable link to your podcast episode draft so your collaborators do not have to signup or login, you can make the link completely public by selecting ‘Activate Public Link’, allowing anyone to view, edit or comment on your Notetracks project.

Notetracks: How to activate a public sharing link for your podcast demo

Sharing a podcast demo helps improve the quality and value of the episode through possible collaboration, feedback, and edits, while also helping podcast teams reach their intended audience as effectively as possible together. Creating a podcast is a collaborative process, and both parties, podcast editors and listeners, can benefit from easy sharing and teamwork tools. Whether you’re producing a new podcast episode for your long-running series or hosting engaging podcast interviews, Notetracks’ full-fledged collaboration tools make it easy for podcast editors and clients alike.

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