How to annotate an audio recording

How to annotate a recording

If you're working on a podcast, music track, recording, audiobook, or any other audio project, it can be hard to share your ideas when you can’t directly comment or mark-up digital audio. Luckily, we are here to help! Notetracks provides a functional audio annotation tool to generate ideas and gather feedback by allowing you to collaborate on audio files. It’s similar to annotating and adding comments on SoundCloud, but Notetracks provides additional playback features such as multitrack sessions, markers, shortcuts, and annotations (text, drawings, stamps) to your MP3, MOV, WAV, MP4 or WAV files. This makes it a more powerful tool and software to comment on audio files for private team collaboration and will help you save time on sending emails regarding revisions and edits with clients, editors, team members, producers, and co-workers. With Notetracks, adding a tag, bookmark or highlighting important ideas on an audio file is easy to do! It is also good practice to add text comments on audio if you want your audio projects to be self-documenting. Notetrack’s software platform allows you to tweak audio by identifying changes to be made easily and gathering feedback from editors and collaborators.

To begin, simply drag and drop the audio waveform into the multitrack session or choose to upload your recording from Dropbox or Google Drive. After loading your MP3 or WAV file, double click on the part of the waveform that you want to comment on or press the New Comment button while listening to the track. This allows you to annotate your podcast recording and add commentary while listening to an episode without having to pause or switch between different apps. You may also double click on the waveform to insert a comment or highlight specific parts of the waveform to make range comments (from 0:20-1:30, please turn it up!). In other words, you can add digital sticky notes to your audio while it’s playing back!

Adding timestamped notes to an audio recording

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