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Introducing Notetracks Pro


One collaborative space to easily review, share and exchange feedback and take your audio/music tracks to the next level.


Make exceptional music, together.
Review, collaborate and complete your audio projects easily, all in one place.

Value Propositions

☑️ Pin-point your notes, comments and conversations on the audio track itself.
☑️ Share your projects easily and get clear and precise feedback.
☑️ Use one visual platform to view and keep your notes, conversations and les.
☑️ Best for: Audio, Music, Video content creators (e.g. music producers, podcasters, voice artists, video producers) and collaborators (team members, clients, project managers, agencies).  Anyone analyzing audio / video (teachers, students, researchers + more)



You’ve worked on audio before. Whether it’s music for an ad, your new podcast, a tutorial, etc., but in most cases receiving the files, playing them back and getting feedback notes is all over the place, scattered between emails, storage sites and text messages.

Team work makes the dream work but it’s hard to get precise, clear feedback organized all in one place. (Joe: at 1:25 turn down the bass. Jane: The track is 30secs !?). Time to get on the same wavelength, literally.

Welcome to Notetracks Pro.

With Notetracks Pro, you have everything you need to take notes, review and share your audio projects in one private collaborative place - plus see how they sync up with video projects as well.

Unlike sorting a rubix cube, you can get relief in the process with 3 easy steps.
Upload a track, add time-stamped notes directly on the audio waveform and share it with others to get the feedback you need to move the project forward.  The best part is, you have multiple easy and super visual ways to get points across: time-stamped notes and comments, pre-populated symbols and cues and even a free hand drawing tool all synced to a colorful audio timeline with advanced playback.

Get your audio on

Notetracks Pro allows you to import your audio quickly into a project to keep things organized and keep track of notes, references and revisions.  Simply drag and drop your audio or video files (MP3, WAV, M4A, MP4, MOV) from your desktop into the browser or upload or import via the Google Drive or Dropbox integrations.  Once it’s loaded up, you can see the visual waveform, jump to specific segments quickly with one of the many powerful keyboard shortcuts, skim through segments by clicking at different points on the waveform or use the top transport control to rewinding / fast forward, go to the end or beginning of the tracks. Everything you need to easily upload, control the playback, and visually see the audio to listen attentively.

Let’s get Visual

Time to take notes (on the tracks).

While the track plays you can insert comments directly at the spot you’d like to make a note without interrupting the playback.  You can stop the track and fine-tune the position of your comment by dragging the markers it makes. You can also drag and drop pre-populated stamps to get the point across and have a visual overview of the structure.  If you need more note-taking flexibility, there’s a free hand draw tool where you can get creative with your notes.  All with the ability to change colors of the symbols and drawings and slide things around.  Everything is placed along the horizontal audio waveform and in sync with the playback to keep your notes precise, clear and organized (and fun to look at!).

Let’s get everyone in the loop

Ready for feedback and approval (before it goes to the world?). Want to add a Collaborator to get feedback and approval on the track?  It’s super easy to share your project by adding the emails of your collaborators and setting their permissions. They can login, make their own notes, reply to your points plus upload their own files for references to collaborate remotely and efficiently.  You can also see collaborators and their comments appear in real time (à la Google Docs). That means being on the same page, at the same time in different places from around the world.

Working with video? 

No need to open up a separate video player. Drop a video in the project and watch it in action. Add a few more audio tracks to audition what it sounds like with other tracks.

If you ever miss the feeling of time coded notes in a text file or email, we got you. Download a PDF or text doc with a report on all comments made.  Can you count how many tools you have to open and hop between to review and get feedback on audio tracks ? (Gmail, Dropbox, WhatsApp,iTunes Player ...there’s at least 4).

No more jenky feedback

How many times have you dealt with email chains, missing file attachments, sifted through cryptic messages with time coded notes to eventually have to match them up with an audio player?  Why spend your valuable time juggling through emails, file transfer sites, audio / video players and messages when you can do it faster while saving yourself countless billable hours keeping track of everything in one easy to use app?
Let your project flow. It’ll feel like music to your ears.

Typical Use Case

An audio producer (music producer, artist, podcaster, voice over artist, student) puts together a draft track, uploads it to Notetracks Pro, and then shares it with his collaborators (client, a&r, agency, peers) for approval. The collaborators make clear, time-stamped and visual notes directly on the track and engage on discussions. He then reads over the notes, clarifies any points and gets to clear feedback to finish and polish up the track going from version_63.mp3 to version_3.mp3 saving a ton of time and unnecessary headaches.

What makes Notetracks Pro different

☑️ We take the best of audio players, note-taking, messaging tools and storage sites and merge them into one place for audio projects.
☑️ Our comments are threaded attached to the timeline (like a Reddit meets SoundCloud)
☑️ Our notes can be in the form of comments, labels, stamps and drawings and are very visual (color codes, drawings, symbols, etc) and synced to horizontal timeline (as opposed to vertical scroll)
☑️ We have advanced audio and video playback controls

Screenshots / Captions

1. Create multiple projects and access projects from anywhere.

List of Projects page on App.

 2. Import audio / video files easily via the desktop or integrations.

Downloading a track on the app.

 3. Make time-stamped notes or comments pin-pointed to the audio waveform and
discuss points on the same page at the same time with multiple collaborators.

Collaborators leaving comments on the track.

 4. Share the project easily with multiple collaborators providing them viewor edit permissions.

Inviting collaborators to your project.

 5. Add multiple audio tracks and solo between them or play them together at the same time.

View of multiple tracks under one project.

6. Add a video to review and audition different audio tracks synced to the video.

Brand Assets

Media Logos can be downloaded by clicking here

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Awards & Recognition

Recipient of the "Spin Master Innovation Fund"
☑️ Recipient of the "SAJE Entrepreneur Grant"
☑️ Participant in the "District3 Innovation centre program"
☑️ Recipient of the "Young Entrepreneur Award"
☑️ Participant in the "IDEABOOST Connect Startup"
☑️ Recipient of the 'Canada Media Fund"
☑️ Winner of the "Canadian Music Week Startup LaunchPad"
☑️ Recipient of the "Project Music Accelerator Investment"
☑️ Recipient of the "Fondation Montreal Inc. Grant"
☑️ Participant of the "Amazon Activate Startup" program

Last Updated: June 1st, 2020