How to record voice comments for feedback

If you're involved in an audio project (music, podcasts, voice overs) with co-producers, team members, editors, clients or otherwise, it is often necessary to collect feedback and make annotations on audio drafts (mp3s, WAVs, AIFFs) during the production process. Sometimes it's difficult to describe what you'd like to say with text (ex. I'd like you to sing it or pronounce it this way) and much easier to record a voice comment. Notetracks is a user-friendly platform designed for  collaboration on audio files, allowing precise time-stamped comments to be gathered directly on the track. It can be considered as a mix between SoundCloud and Google Docs, offering a diverse range of  note-taking feature designed for audio . Notetracks serves as a  collaboration tool specifically tailored for podcasters, podcast editors, audio engineers, music producers, and more, enabling them to make notes on their drafts, demos, and projects both before, during, and after the production phase.

To begin, either create a new audio project or open your current draft.

Next, navigate to the top middle of the screen and select the “Comment” pane. This will change the current mode from editing to only commenting. Additionally, ensure the drop down menu is expanded as shown below so your comments will be visible on the waveform.

Notetracks – how to switch into the commenting pane

Click on the waveform where you’d like to leave feedback. You can also click the “New Comment” in the middle left of the workstation. Once the comment box appears, you’ll see a mic symbol in the bottom right corner.

Notetracks – how to access the voice recorder

When you’re ready to leave your voice note on your audio file, click the mic symbol. A recorder will appear where you can leave your feedback by clicking the red circle.

Notetracks – how to leave a voice note

Once you’ve finished leaving your voice note, press post and your feedback will now show up in the comment pane of Notetracks, right there in the waveform.

Notetracks – how to use voice notes on audio files

Leaving voice notes can be helpful for those who prefer calls and meetings over sending emails, for example; some people just prefer to talk than type! Further, when dealing with complex or nuanced ideas, it's often easier to convey tone, emphasis, and intention through spoken words rather than written text. Voice notes provide an opportunity to explain your thoughts in detail, ensuring that your message is accurately understood by your collaborator.

Notetracks offers a unified platform that simplifies the process of sharing and receiving valuable feedback to enhance your audio projects. By leveraging its  commenting, drawing, editing, and review capabilities, Notetracks enables seamless collaboration, catering to teams comprising editors, engineers, and producers. Whether you're working on captivating podcast interviews or a fresh album, Notetracks' comprehensive collaboration tools ensure a hassle-free, speedy, and straightforward experience.

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