How to comment on an audio file

If you're working on an audio project (podcast, music track, voiceover, video, etc) with a group of co-producers, team members or any folks you'd like to gain input from, often at times there's a need to gather feedback and make comments on audio files (mp3s, WAVs, AIFFs) once they've been produced. Notetracks is a platform built to easily comment on audio file and gather feedback precisely on the track (think of SoundCloud meeting Google Docs).

Notetracks Timeline with stamps and comments
Using Notetracks to comment on an audio file

To begin, create a new audio project, give it a title.

Notetracks - How to create a project

Once you're on the project page, click Add Track or simply drag and drop the audio into the web page.

Notetracks - How to add an audio track

You can use the playback controllers at the bottom to listen to the track and at any time you'd like to insert a new Comment, click the New Comment button to add a comment precisely at point you'd like to discuss without having to stop the audio.

If you have the audio paused, you can also double click on the waveform at the exact spot you'd like to make a comment or you can highlight an entire range (from 00:13-01:18).

Notetracks - How to comment on an audio file

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