How to comment on a podcast

If you're working on a podcast episode with co-producers, team members, editors, clients or otherwise, there’s often a need to gather feedback and comment on podcast drafts (mp3s, WAVs, AIFFs) as they're being produced. Notetracks is a platform built to easily collaborate on a podcast draft and gather input precisely time-stamped on the track (think of SoundCloud meeting Google Docs). With a wide range of audio features, Notetracks is a powerful podcast collaboration tool for podcasters and podcast editors to take notes on their drafts, demos and projects before, during, and after production.

Notetracks Timeline with stamps and comments
Using Notetracks to comment on a podcast episode

To begin to comment on your podcast draft, create a new audio project, and give it a title.

Notetracks - How to create a podcast project

Once you're on the project page, click Add Track or simply drag and drop the podcast demo you’d like to make notes on into the web page.

Notetracks - How to add a podcast track
Notetracks - How to add a podcast recording

You can use the playback controllers at the bottom to listen to the podcast demo. At any time you'd like to insert a comment on your podcast draft or demo, click the New Comment button to add a comment precisely at the point you'd like to discuss without having to stop the audio. Be sure to take note of any areas where you think improvements can be made. This could include the structure, pacing, tone, or content to remove or add to the podcast draft. Sharing your feedback in a clear, concise manner with the creator or team allows editors and everyone to discuss their thoughts on the podcast episode and clarify any points of confusion.

If you have the podcast draft paused, you can also double-click on the waveform at the exact spot you'd like to make a note. You can also highlight an entire range (as shown from 00:13-01:18).

Notetracks - How to comment on a podcast file
Notetracks - How to comment on a podcast draft

Notetracks provides one environment that makes it easy to share and receive constructive feedback that can help improve the episode. Overall, reviewing a podcast demo helps improve the quality and value of the episode, while also helping podcast teams reach their intended audience as effectively as possible. Creating a podcast is a collaborative process, and both parties can benefit from open communication and constructive feedback. Notetracks’ dynamic commenting, notetaking, editing, and review features allow this to happen in efficiently, making it the perfect collaborative app for podcasters.  Whether you’re producing episodic series or engaging podcast interviews, Notetracks’ full-fledged collaboration tools make it easy for podcast editors and clients alike.

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